Great Planes takes pride in every one of our planes — so you can take pride in yours.

When Great Planes 金马国际娱乐国际娱乐 金马国际娱乐官方网站 started out in 1982, the company had a solid vision of what it wanted from its kits--better designs, higher quality parts, more helpful instruction manuals and easier flying characteristics. In the years since, Great Planes has managed to achieve all those goals and more with three key ingredients:

  1. Great Technology
    Great Planes did what no RC company had done before, creating the first machines custom designed for making smooth, precise cuts on RC kits. Later, the addition of computer-aided drafting allowed Great Planes engineers to fine-tune construction to make their planes virtually "goof-proof." Those drafts are turned into computer generated model plans — extremely detailed and accurate diagrams, perfect for photo-illustrated instruction manuals. Those plans take all the guesswork out of assembly. This building ease is best expressed through the Giles G-202. CAD software enabled the G-202 team to come up with solutions to builders' most problematic and time-consuming jobs. First on that list: sheeting. On the G-202, sheeting is made simple with four full-span shear webs in the wing that interlock with the ribs, providing perfect alignment, lower weight and increased strength. This makes the G-202 docile with a .46 and superb with a .61.

  2. Great Products
    reat Planes listens to fliers in order to better meet their needs. One of the things we heard was that fliers wanted to reduce building time while maintaining performance. So, after perfecting the art of kit-making, Great Planes took Almost Ready-to-Fly engineering to new heights with models like the Matt Chapman Eagle. It's flight-ready in 4-6 hours, and, with its sheeted fuselage and MonoKote® covering, the Eagle looks — and performs — like a carefully built scale masterpiece. Great Planes has also turned its attention to the increasingly popular Park Flyer electrics for today's smaller flying sites. You'll find trademark Great Planes assembly and flight advantages in such compact models as the Fundango and Li'l Poke. But that's not all: Our engineers also created perfectly matched motors, batteries, gear drive systems and electronic speed controls to help you bring out your Park Flyer's very best performance.

  3. Great People
    A company is only as good as its people, Great Planes has the best. The in-house R&D team consists entirely of active R/C modelers, many of whom have more than 20 years of experience in the hobby. They include specialists in most modeling areas, champion builders and fliers who are among the top in their fields. Great Planes pulls together to accomplish a common goal — delivering you the best planes at the best prices. We take pride in our planes, so you can take pride in yours.